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Farm block and beam floor

Why Farms like Carruan Farm are using concrete Block and Beam Floor

Carruan Farm and other farms are not only busy places but they put a lot of demand on their buildings and farm centres too, that’s why farmers are increasingly using a concrete block and beam floor to ensure that their farms are up to standard. A beam and block floor allows the bearing of tremendous loads of weight and can last for a very long time, these are the properties that make it so attractive for use in industrial settings such as farms and farm centres.

How to construct a block and beam floor

block and beam floor suppliers are tasked with implementing these flooring techniques. The technique it’s self is relatively straightforward as it employs concrete lintels and regular cement and concrete blocks to fill in the gaps in between the beams. The filling in of these gaps with another strong concrete material ensures that maximum strength is provided to any buildings that are constructed on top of these foundations.

Why farms like Carruan Farm are using a Silent Gliss curtain track


Electric curtains and a silent gliss curtain track are relatively new inventions but they are making farmers lives a whole lot easier! Typically farm houses are rather large and require a lot of work to maintain them. This means that by making one task easier and installing something like an automated curtain pole such as those from Silent Gliss can not only save time but reduce stress levels for farmers too.

How using a silent gliss curtain track on a farm changes everything

At the end of a long day there’s absolutely nothing better than having the ability to push a button and have things happen automatically. Now with the touch of a button a curtain rail can be activated and the curtains can close themselves on the farm.